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Plein Air Wheely carries everything effortlessly in one trip

I take all my plein air equipment anywhere, easily, all in one trip.  I just roll it along in my Plein Air Wheely.

Everything I need goes with me.  No more trips back and forth to the van!   Lightweight, compact and sturdy, it loads into vehicles readily.     

Dirt trails, cobblestone paths, garden gravel, boggy lawns - nothing keeps me from getting to the right spot with all my equipment: chair, umbrella, water, mediums, canvas, paper, paints, extra layers - even lunch - in one trip!

This ergonomically designed steel cart moves effortlessly - just tilt and roll.  The big wheels provide all terrain capacity while carrying the weight over the axle.  A center front peg keeps it secure and stable when standing.

It holds a removable plastic tray.  Sturdy velcro closures keep it securely in place and things don't roll off even when it's not level.

The tool bag has lots of outer pockets and a main pocket that can hold a picnic cooler, backpack, gallon jugs, whatever! 

The square crate carry-all holds collapsable chairs, duffel bags, water jugs.

That's where I stow my PleinAir Pro Duffle Bag that contains my chair, easel, paints, palettes, brushes, paper, and water jugs in it.

It moves so easily I can ramble around looking for the perfect spot effortlessly.  Parking is less problematic since I can walk anywhere rolling my paints, to the location I want to set up.  When I get the right view, I just open my duffle bag, set up my easel and get busy!

Specifics and Dimensions.  For a free cost quote including UPS freight email me at

  • Height 38"
  • Width 17"
  • Depth 23" 
  • Weight approx. 20lbs
  • Rubber 16" diameter tires
  • Steel frame with front support peg
  • Rust proof zinc electroplating
  • Plastic milk crate carry-all. for collapsable chairs, duffel bags, water jugs
  • Rubber lined waterproof canvas bag with snap on/off web straps is removable
  • Outer pockets for brushes, water bottles, mediums etc.  Inner pocket for canvas boards, larger containers of materials. and has lots of pockets  
  • Removable plastic tray (dimensions 12 x 16") attaches / detaches easily and stores in the tool bag
  • made in the USA


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Comment by Julie on January 27, 2014 at 2:35pm

where did you buy your wheely cart… looks like a great solution...



Comment by Lynne Haines on January 27, 2014 at 3:27pm

Hi Julie, yes it works amazingly well.  I have a manufacturing company that makes portable self pressurized liquid delivery systems, called TANKS A LOTs.  You can see them at  As you can see there, the steel frame is part of these systems.  I just modified it to carry my painting kit.  I sell them for $199 plus UPS Ground shipping.  It covers the cost of the customized manufacturing fabrication and materials which are not cheap.  Let me know if you want me to manufacture you one.  I sold the only other one I had in stock.  You can contact me directly at

Comment by Thomas Wezwick on January 27, 2014 at 5:07pm

Pretty nice..if I could find a way to rig my easel to  it...boy oh boy!!!

Comment by Lynne Haines on January 27, 2014 at 5:49pm

A couple of plastic zip ties might work.  I don't know what kind of an easel you have.

Comment by Lynne Haines on January 27, 2014 at 5:50pm

A couple of plastic zip ties might work.  I don't know what kind of easel you have.  Nice work lately Thomas.


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